Be the Better Bride: 5 Wedding Prep Tips


We’ve seen hundreds of weddings between hosting them at our venue and catering them with our sister company, Liquid Catering. So many, that we have begun to see patterns of what brides wish they knew before the big day. We know you’ve got a to-do list 5 miles long, but let us break down our top 5 pre-wedding tips that will provide little known tidbits of advice and make you a better prepared bride. So dig in and get ready to take notes!

A budget is your best friend. Make an overall budget. Break it down by vendor. Stick to it. It’s that simple! We guarantee that once you get into the heart of wedding planning, you’ll be tempted to blow off the budget you set for yourself. Or even worse, you might not even notice that you’re doing so. A wedding is a big deal, emotionally and financially. Plan properly and you’ll be happy, not stressed, when it’s all over. However, know where to not skimp too. If you really want that amazing band to dance with all night, go ahead and spend the extra dough in that area. Feeling regretful is no fun.

Get down in that gown, girl! Finding a wedding dress that is “the one” is almost as exciting as finding a man that is “the one” (almost). But instead of just checking yourself out from every angle standing up don’t forget to also sit down, walk, or dance in front of the mirror. Does it feel too tight? Now that you know months before instead of on the day of, you can get it altered accordingly. Oh yeah…all white + bright light = unclassy sight. Check how sheer your dress will look outdoors or under a spotlight.

Make a shot list. No, we don’t mean the kind that will make you and your guests three sheets to the wind. We’re talking photos. You wouldn’t believe how many brides are scrambling at the end of the night to get special snaps that had yet to be accounted for. The usual shots are typically covered but your photographer has no idea who your sorority sisters are or that you might want a shot of a funny pose you and your cousin always do. Give he or she a list and they’ll make sure these must-haves are in your wedding album.

Don’t be a last minute lady. Uh-huh…procrastination might’ve been okay back in your school days but let’s be real: this is your wedding and you absolutely need to be timely. First and foremost, no last minute beauty regimes. Spread out your tanning and dieting over a course of a few weeks or months to avoid orange or burnt skin and a dress that doesn’t fit on the day of (Trust us, people will notice). Secondly, think of your out of town guests that need accommodations. Book those room blocks ASAP to avoid competing with a huge convention or festival the same weekend as your big day. Lastly, give the venue and caterers accurate, up-to-date headcounts two weeks out so they can be prepared for the right amount of staff members, food/beverages, tables, linens, and so much more.

Remember why you’re getting married in the first place. In the end, your wedding day is a celebration of a new life with your groom. You are there making a commitment to each other, to love one another for the rest of your lives. All that truly matters is that you’re there together, spending time and making memories with good family and friends. So if the DJ messes up your bridesmaids’ names or if the florist is short one centerpiece, it’s never the end of the world. Keep in mind the true reason for a wedding and try to avoid any major tensions during the planning process. When the big day comes, we suggest to just go with the flow!



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