Vendor Spotlight: Reeve’s Catering

In with the new trends, out with the old. It’s 2014! If there is any caterer in the Upstate that can evolve with the ever-changing food trends, it’s Reeves Catering.


Operating an event venue is tougher than it seems. Aside from booking events and keeping up with client relationships, there is a lot of maintenance and cleaning every week. We rely on our preferred vendors to come into our space and help us keep things in order. With Reeves Catering, we know that we have nothing to worry about as far as our kitchen goes. That alone says professionalism and people you can count on.

A fairly new catering company having just started business in 2009, Reeves Catering is already known for their superb service and dedication to the trade. Feel free to customize a menu to whatever your culinary heart desires complete with fresh ingredients and quality preparation! They are there to help you make any event stand out.


Reeves Catering is also currently working on a small restaurant, Reeves Cafe, for locals to enjoy the company’s good eats for lunch and dinner. Yum! We’re always pleased to have Reeves in our venue, so we know that you will love them for your wedding, private party, company picnic, etc! Call them today to start the new year out right!


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