Tips & Tricks: Unique Desserts for a Wedding Reception

The tradition for a newly-married couple to cut a wedding cake is a long-standing one, but what about incorporating your own personality and style into the types of desserts you serve to your guests?

Choosing a selection of cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and more for your wedding will provide a unique quality to your reception that family and friends will remember. Consider some of the more recent trends we’ve seen with our couples – an assorted display of pies on a farmhouse table, or a beautifully-arranged stack of donuts, a selection of cupcakes in a variety of flavors and icings, or even a candy station for guests to make their own treat bags.

Need some visual inspiration? Check out some of our favorite dessert ideas below.


Crepe Cake
Stacked crepe cake
Cake Pop Cake
Cake Pops made up of flavors like chocolate, lemon, and red velvet.


Milk and cookies
The classic milk and cookies


Donuts on a stick
Donut stacks at Southern Bleachery


Oreo Crumbles
Potted Parfaits – find how to make your own here.


Coconut cupcake tower topped with a one-tiered miniature cake.


Oreo Cake
A three-tiered stacked Oreo cookie wedding cake.


Miniature Pies
Miniature pies in flavors like ginger, peach, almond blueberry, and cranberry walnut.


Ready to create a custom dessert menu for your wedding? Check out the local vendors below to get started.


Breed Wedding_wedding cake
Funfetti cake by Couture Cakes

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