Vendor Spotlight | The Wedding Lady

Danielle Baker or otherwise known as “The Wedding Lady” is today’s Bridal Open House Featured Vendor. She will be at our Bridal Open House on July 21st!


The Wedding Lady is an ordained, non-denominational minister who has been officiating weddings since 2009. As one of the most experienced officiates in the Upstate, you can expect nothing but the best from Danielle. She is not only professional and poised, but she cares deeply about each of her couples. Each of her ceremonies has a genuine and approachable atmosphere, which is cultivated through meetings in a judgment free zone. No matter what type of service you envision, Danielle is happy to perform religious, non-religious, civil or same sex ceremonies for all faiths.



Danielle respects her couples and wants what is best for them and has never been tardy nor missed a wedding ceremony. Even more impressive, she has officiated over 900 weddings since 2009 and with all of these couples, she has created relationships with them to ensure they feel comfortable with her on their big day. As one couple recently said, “She invests time in each couple, which is so rare today.” Investment in each couple is what sets Danielle apart as one of the premiere officiants serving the Upstate.

True to this, Danielle says, “When you work with “The Wedding Lady” as your Officiant & Minister, you will have a true Wedding Professional on your team! You will feel like you have a friend marrying you and not a stranger. My desire is for you to feel like a princess on your wedding day and I will make sure you have the most amazing wedding ceremony that will leave people talking for some time! Your ceremony will be unique to your relationship and vision.”

In keeping with unique service, Danielle creates custom crafted ceremonies that are known for their “Love Letters.” She believes that you deserve to have the perfect ceremony that matches your love story as a couple! And trust us, Danielle is the perfect lady for the job. You truly will come away feeling like you were married by a friend, which will leave you and your guests feeling full of love on such an special day.


For more information, check out her website!

Have you registered for our Bridal Open House? Visit for more information and to register.


Real Wedding | Daniel + Morgan


Daniel + Morgan’s wedding day was not only a celebration of this sweet, gorgeous couple, but a celebration of love and family. Getting to work with them was like getting to work with friends as we stayed in touch over the various details that made their April 22, 2016 wedding celebration. And a celebration is was! Daniel + Morgan’s reception only event at The Old Cigar Warehouse was nothing short of exciting, loving and down-right fun!



After a beautiful ceremony off-site at First Presbyterian Church, the newlyweds and their 19-person wedding party snapped some unbelievably stunning photos with the talented duo that makes up Ryan & Alyssa Photography. While Daniel & Morgan snapped the first photos of their newlywed life, the 280 guests traveled to The Old Cigar Warehouse and entered into our space that was decorated with stunning florals by Twigs (did you see Morgan’s bouquet? – beautiful!) and our in-house uplighting. With 2 open bars provided by Liquid Catering, hors d’oeuvres and dinner provided by Saffron’s Catering and ice cream provided by Brusters, guests were happy and ready to celebrate!

Not before long, the new Mr. + Mrs. were ready to start the celebration. The Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding Director Emily Peck lined their excited wedding party up on the deck while they all conversed on what dance moves they would do for each of their grand entrances. The Party Machine introduced the wedding party down the grand staircase and introduced Morgan’s father, who had the honor of welcoming his daughter and new son-in-law into the party (how fun!). Clearly Daniel + Morgan were just as excited as their guests (see below)…


Daniel + Morgan, along with their parents, certainly knew how to set the tone for the party. Daniel and his mom danced to a medley of  classics that had everyone ready to dance! They mingled with friends and family as guests were encouraged to continue dinner before cutting into the stunning and classic creation from Holly’s Cakes.


After their 4-tier cake had been sliced, everyone hit the dance floor. Our bride and groom, their family AND their guests all brought their A-game dance-moves and danced until we had to kick them out! With their grand exit off the deck, guests waived goodbye with ribbon wands as they made their way to their special ride as husband and wife, a horse-drawn carriage with Whispering Winds.


What an amazing night for these two incredible people and their families. Daniel + Morgan, thanks for choosing to celebrate with us on your special day. Cheers to the happy couple!


Daniel + Morgan | Vendors

Baker: Holly’s Cakes

Bar Service: Liquid Catering

Caterer: Saffron’s Catering

Ceremony Site: First Presbyterian Church

DJ: The Party Machine

Florist: Twigs

Photographer: Ryan & Alyssa Photography

Transportation (Exit): Whispering Winds

Wedding Director: Emily Peck, The Old Cigar Warehouse

Real Wedding | Danielle + Jeff

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Timeless is what comes to mind when we think of October 16, 2015. Danielle + Jeff’s wedding day was FILLED with timeless and special moments – family traditions, stunning tablescapes and overall décor, and of course, a bride and groom that were out of this world.

Working with Danielle was a delight! She was not only a sweet-mannered person, but very organized from Day 1. With their ceremony being held at off-site at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, we only worked with Danielle + Jeff regarding their Friday night reception. It was very clear to us from the beginning that this reception was going to be different and as the details began to unfold, we couldn’t wait to see it all come to life!

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Their reception held a lot of meaning. Tributes to family were scattered beautifully in various places of our space. Danielle had her mother’s wedding gown and veil on display at the reception alongside a beautiful memorial table dedicated to the couple’s loved ones that were attending in spirit. The Cellar was dressed in terra cotta linens and autumn colors featuring a farmhouse table adorned in beautiful florals by Culpepper Designs and a gorgeous ice sculpture designed by Ice Age. All of these accents set the stage for Good Life Catering‘s 4 course meal. This extensive menu was extra special as our bride, who also loves to cook, helped Shane customize the menu for her guests!

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

The 4 course dinner beautifully presented – and eaten – was also filled with family traditions and toasts. It was a very intimate dining experience for all of their guests. Once dinner was over, the reception continued with Liquid Catering behind the bar, a live band, a coffee bar served in the bride’s family’s sterling silver, A Darling Day‘s unique soft seating and a beautiful handcrafted, and delicious, cake by Couture Cakes.

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -

It was a magical evening celebrating two people dedicating their lives to one another. Their memories were captured by Josh Jones Photography – beautiful images for a beautiful couple! Congratulations, Danielle + Jeff!

Jeff + Danielle © J. Jones Photography -


Danielle + Jeff | Vendors

Baker: Couture Cakes

Band: Finesse Band

Bar Service: Liquid Catering

Caterer: Good Life Catering

Ceremony: St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Florist: Culpepper Designs

Ice Sculpture: Ice Age

Photography: Josh Jones Photography 

Photo Booth: Shutterbooth

Rental Furniture: A Darling Day

Real Wedding | Liz + Nick


There are some people out there who say that a couple’s wedding day is purely about the bride and groom. While we don’t 100% disagree with this, we also have seen so many wedding days where this simply isn’t true. Liz + Nick got married on August 29, 2015 at the Old Cigar Warehouse, and their big day was the perfect example of how important family is to many of the couples that celebrate with us in Downtown, Greenville.

Opening the venue that day was different. There was an energy in the space as soon as the family, excuse me – team, walked in the space. All hands were on deck doing everything to get the space ready for the very special ceremony and reception that were set to take place later that day. Aunts, uncles, groomsmen, brothers and other family friends were all there to help Nick set out decor while his bride relaxed with her bridesmaids. It was quite a sight to see as all of these people worked so effortlessly together, and the space looked absolutely stunning as a result.

Our groom, Nick, proved to be very crafty – he made and put together most of the décor for their nuptials that day, and his family was sure to place all with care showing off his hard work for his lovely wife-to-be! Like this Escort Card display – how creative is this! – just one of the finer details this couple put together for their big celebration (see tables cape below- truly beautiful).

rowlands-frantz_escort cards

Once all of the décor and final touches were in place, family and friends began filling the seats in our main hall for the ceremony. Their ceremony arch was adorned with fresh-looking, beautiful arrangements while their bridesmaids’ bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres were equally as stunning, all provided by Barrett’s Flowers. It was the the perfect nod to the end of the summer months. 

Their ceremony was heartfelt, energetic, and filled with close friends and family excited to welcome both of these people into their respective families. With not a seat left in the house, it was truly a beautiful sight to see. And who doesn’t love watching the cutest flower girl and ring bearer walk down the isle!? No one… It was a precious moment captured by David + Kristine Photography, as were all of the photos from their ceremony and reception that day!







After the I do’s, this couple and their new families were ready to celebrate! Their evening was filled with delicious food provided by the incredible team at Holmes Catering while drinks were provided by in-house beverage provider, Liquid Catering. All eyes were on the newlyweds as various guests made toasts exclaiming their happiness and fond memories of this newlywed couple. From the outside, it certainly felt like one, big happy family!

Before too long, Liz + Nick cut their gorgeous Couture Cakes wedding cake where Liz made sure Nick got a taste of their delicious dessert – one of our favorite pictures captured from the night! Entertainment for the reception was provided by Shutterbooth and Jumping Jukebox, who had guests on the dance floor rocking out to the couple’s favorite songs before sending them off with a classic bubble exit. It was truly a wonderful night, and we loved being able to celebrate the newlywed couple with their family and friends!





Congratulations, Liz + Nick! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness together!

Liz + Nick | Vendors
Bartending Company: Liquid Catering
Photo Booth: Shutterbooth

Fun Fact | 5 Things The Old Cigar Warehouse is Older Than

1980405_625442070855021_164151423_oDowntown Greenville holds a lot of history and as this little city continues to grow, it’s important to preserve some of its historic charm in the this modern world. Our venue, located in the Historic West End is certainly a nod to the history of Greenville, SC. Built in 1882, The Old Cigar Warehouse embodies the rustic charm of the West End since it’s establishment 133 years ago. As our staff thought about how old our building really is, it dawned on us on how many other historic events or developments that it may surpass in age. Here are 5 things that our historic venue is older than!

1885 | The First Automobile

Though the inventor of the first automobile engine, Karl Benz, was granted a patent for his design in 1879, his first Motorwagen wasn’t built until 1885. He began promotion of his vehicle in July of 1886. From then on, innovations and additions to the automobile progressed exponentially. Henry Ford’s contribution of mass production through the assembly line led to affordable cars being available to the public. Greenville, SC began to see more cars on the road and The Old Cigar Warehouse witnessed the first automobile passing down South Main Street.

1889 | Clemson University

Prior to his death in 1888, Thomas Green Clemson had wanted his estate to be left to the advancement of education in South Carolina. Almost a year after he passed, Clemson’s dream came to life when Gov. Richardson signed the bill accepting Clemson’s monetary and physical donations. It was then, in November 1889 that the Clemson Agricultural College – a passion of Clemson’s – came to life.

1886 | Coca-Cola

Out of our southern neighbor, Atlanta, came another great invention- Coca-Cola. Coke was invented by Confederate Colonel John Pemberton as an alternative to morphine, which he had become addicted to during his recovery from Civil War battle wounds. His first recipe drew much inspiration from Europe’s coca wine. With the passing of prohibition legislation in 1886, Pemberton created Coca-Cola as a nonalcoholic version of French Wine Coca. He began selling Coke at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA on May 8, 1886 as a patent medicine for 5 cents. Today Coke can be found in over 200 countries worldwide, with consumption at more than 1.8 billion servings each day.

1890s | Film

The early days of film came about in 1890s with William Kennedy Laurie Dickson leading the modern film age with his motion-picture camera—a machine commissioned by Thomas Edison and named Kinetograph. In the same year, Dickson filmed his first experimental film, named Monkeyshines No. 1, which would become the first American motion picture to be produced on photographic film. Edison and Dickson made several innovations in the film world with Edison receiving a patent for their Kinetoscope design in 1893 and beginning commercial operation in 1894. From there, Edison and Dickson continued to expand the film world with innovations and inventions that have lead to the modern world filled with Hollywood stars, YouTube and video cameras in our pockets.

1903 | Flight 

Humans first became airborne in the predecessor to today’s design not too far from The Old Cigar Warehouse’s location in Downtown Greenville. In Kevin Devil Hills, NC, the Wright brothers began their quest to be the first in flight in 1900 as they began developing gliders. They quickly became frustrated by the poor performance of their gliders and began adapting their design leading the design of the Wright Flyer while making huge strides in aeronautical engineering. On December 17, 1903, the Wrights made their momentous ascent into the sky in the first sustained, controlled, powered heavier-than-air manned flight on the coast of NC. The brothers continued their climb into flight history with many successes and failures to follow, but would be forever cemented into history as the first in flight.outside old cigar warehouseWith more than a century under its belt, The Old Cigar Warehouse has seen many events and inventions that have changed the course of history. We love that you can see and feel the years it has witnessed whenever you walk into our space, and as we open the antique doors each weekend it only continues to witness the history of our clients and their guests.

Real Wedding | Kathleen + Bharat

c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan258We are delighted to be sharing the love story of two special friends of ours, Kathleen and Bharat. Their story began in 2012 on a softball field before meeting again at Euphoria’s Tapas + Tinis event. At this time, Bharat knew he liked this bold red-headed, New Jersey girl, and knew it was time to make his move. Like the gentleman he is, Bharat offered to help Kathleen and the Liquid Catering staff unload product at the end of a long event. After a night of quoting Friends and sharing their passion for Michael Jordan, these two fit together just like “peas and carrots.”

In June 2014 before Bruce Springsteen put on what I’m sure what was an incredible show, Bharat asked Kathleen to marry him with pictures of her favorite New Jersey scenery surrounding her. Fast forward to August 8, 2015, their wedding day, a day that will always have the memories of their family and friends celebrating the love they have for each other.

On the morning of August 8th, Kathleen arrived early to do something that would calm her nerves. With Jack Johnson on our sound system, she did the chalkboards – something she used to do before opening the venue as one of our managers. Later that morning, Kathleen returned with her mom and took a walk around The Old Cigar Warehouse – our “space”, our venue where she worked since we began. She had walked into our venue hundreds of times before, even that morning, but something was different about her this time. Today was her day. It was their day. She said hello and walked into the cellar to see what had been set up and before long she comes out screaming with excitement, “That room has so much Nala!!” their dog they adopted from the Humane Society in 2013. As she went about her day, she relaxed with her mom, bridesmaids and adorable nieces before slipping into her dress. c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan588

c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan617There were nerves that morning, but as Bharat and his groomsmen arrived nerves were quickly replaced with excitement for their first look. The first look, where Bharat could see his bride, his (almost) wife and best friend. Kathleen approached Bharat, and immediately all the stress about completing their vows that morning melted away, vows that were funny, emotional and the definition of perfection if you know the couple. c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan113



c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan384As guests began to arrive, there was something noticeably different about the way the Main Hall felt. Maybe it was because we knew the couple and some of our staff were sitting in the ceremony rather than behind the scenes. Maybe because it was a beautiful summer day and the rain decided to hold off. Or maybe it was because this weekend was already filled with so much love and joy over this union that was about to take place.

I had the privilege of guiding Kathleen and her brother Jamie up to the top of the stairs. Well, when I say guide, I mean I followed Kathleen through the office doors and around to the deck…a walk she had done with so many brides before her. She was even greeted by her favorite security guard, Bravo1 Protection’s Mickey, with a proud gasp of her beauty and of course, his familiar smile and hug. With her brother by her side, her mother waiting down the stairs, and her father’s wedding band tied around her bouquet, this lady had the biggest smile on her face and was ready to walk towards Bharat.
c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan481Jennifer Dennis, with Love This Little City, cued Bharat and the rest of the bridal party in as they walked in to the acoustic stylings of the guitarist from The Erica Berg Collective playing “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. As Kathleen and Jamie walked down the grand stairs, she met her mom before walking together to meet Bharat. Their vows were loving, of course, but not without having the entire room laughing with the contagious sense of humor they share as they promised to support each other in all that life brings them. With the final cue from Kathleen’s brother, Jamie, Bharat kissed his bride before the exploding applause of loved ones.


c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan543Guests were invited to the deck for cocktail hour with drinks provided by Liquid Catering and hor d’oeuvres passed by Good Life Catering. There was a buzz. A buzz amongst all of the guests, not about decor or what everyone was wearing, but about how the ceremony just felt like them. It was obvious to everyone that these two were so ready to be married, and their guests clearly basked in their pure love for one another. Once cocktail hour ended, guests were brought into the Main Hall to watch the bridal party and the new Mr. + Mrs. be introduced. They shared their first dance to “Give Me Your Hand” by Michael Tolcher before Bharat danced with his mom to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. Kathleen danced with her brother, Jamie, to “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan640


c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan662After toasts were made, food was ready to eat! Guests were not disappointed, and when people began to ask where the traditional cake was, they were simply surprised (and pleased) to have GLC’s banana pudding instead – the Groom’s favorite! Not soon after, Erica Berg got everyone on the dance floor. Kathleen and Bharat share a HUGE love for music, and even though they don’t necessarily love the same types, they knew they had to have a rockin’ band for their reception. Throughout the night, Erica DJ’ed between sets so there was a mix of her incredible sounds along with some of Bharat’s favorite pop and hip hop. She played bhangra music to embrace Bharat’s culture and, of course, closed out the evening with a little nod to Kathleen with Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days.c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan777The details were everywhere. They were in Kathleen’s “Something Blue” – a piece of her late father’s shirt; in the favors that were both Clemson colors and the colors representing two organizations most important to Kathleen and Bharat; in the bouquets and boutonnieres made of the sheet music Kathleen and her sisters played from as kids; in the surprise that Kathleen gave Bharat and his Clemson friends when the Tiger showed up to celebrate; in the Irish Six Pence given after her mom’s last trip to Ireland that rested in Kathleen’s shoe and with Kathleen’s father’s Clemson Cross pen that Kathleen and Bharat used to sign their marriage license. These details, though small, represent all of the little ways that Kathleen and Bharat chose to share their personalities and their commitment to each other with all of their guests. c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan012


c2015ryanalyssa-ganesan790All of the love, details, tears and pure joy were captured by Ryan & Alyssa Photography. Although the weekend is over, we are excited to now celebrate the beginning of their journey together, the love and laughter that they will share in the lifetime that they have now committed to each other (and Nala). To our friends, Kathleen and Bharat, cheers to a lifetime full of everything that life has to bring you. We love you both!

Congratulations, Kathleen + Bharat!



Kathleen + Bharat | Vendors

Band/DJ: The Erica Berg Collective
Bartending Company: Liquid Catering
Caterer: Good Life Catering
Day-of Coordination: Love This Little City
Hotel: Swamp Rabbit Inn
Photography: Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Venue: The Old Cigar Warehouse

Want more photos from Kathleen + Bharat’s wedding? Visit Ryan & Alyssa’s blog!

For more information on having your wedding day celebration, visit us at!

Real Wedding | Caroline + Cody

Cody proposed to Caroline on an early November day in North Carolina. It was at The Biltmore Estate where he got down on one knee and asked Caroline to spend her life with him. Fast forward to July 17th, a little piece of that special day could be found at Liquid Catering‘s bar display. Biltmore wine, amongst other local favorites, set the scene for a what was a truly a day surrounded by loving friends and family.

FamZing Photography & Video |

FamZing Photography & Video | www.famzing.comFamzing was there to capture the moments from Caroline and Cody’s wedding, including Cody’s reaction as Caroline made her way down the aisle – a look that NEVER gets old. The bride and groom were married by Caroline’s brother in front of their friends and family at a simply beautiful altar fashioned out of tree branches that were fastened together with twine and delicate flowers. It was the perfect frame for this beautiful couple as they vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives.

FamZing Photography & Video |

FamZing Photography & Video |

To complement a delicious dinner provided by Smoke on the Water, table centerpieces included arrangements from Twigs filled with pink roses, baby’s breath and white hydrangeas resting upon slices of wood. The bride and her bridesmaids held bouquets that included blue hydrangeas to match the robin egg blue lace bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s blue ties and vests.

Holly’s Cakes baked delicious cupcakes that were showcased on a gorgeously structured wooden cake stand that friends of the family had created for the couple. “C+C” carved was carved into a piece of birch wood, which rested at the top of the stand. Instead of a traditional cake topper, two pinecones were placed on top; one dressed in a top hat and tie while the other donned a veil and bouquet.  Instead of a guest book, guests signed a beautiful piece of wood to be turned into a bench for the couple’s home – a truly unique way to remember such an precious day.

FamZing Photography & Video |

FamZing Photography & Video |

Jumping Jukebox was there to keep the party going until it was time for Caroline and Cody to go, but not before DJ Blake got in there to lead “The Wobble” with our bride and groom! They left on a warm July night filled with bubbles that their guests blew as they made their exit. The guests left with bags of s’mores trail mix and tons of memories from such a joyful occassion.

FamZing Photography & Video |

FamZing Photography & Video |

Congratulations, Caroline + Cody!

Caroline + Cody | Vendors:

Baker: Holly’s Cakes

Bartendering Company: Liquid Catering

Caterer: Smoke on the Water

DJ: Jumping Jukebox

Florist: TWIGS

Photographer: Famzing Photography

Venue: The Old Cigar Warehouse

Wedding Tip | Our Local Bridal Guide for SC’s Tax Free Weekend, Aug. 7-9

South Carolina’s Tax Free weekend is this weekend, August 7-9th. This weekend comes around once a year in time for back to school shopping, but luckily for brides it includes all clothing—meaning all purchased wedding dresses are tax-free! We’ve compiled a list of some great shops for you to visit in the Upstate. Don’t forget to call ahead to schedule an appointment!

Carolina Bride and Groom LogoCarolina Bride & Groom | 109 Fairview Pointe Drive, Simpsonville, SC 29681

(864) 963-9333

Carolina Bride & Groom have a wonderful deal going on over the weekend. All of their wedding gowns are 10-25% off in addition to South Carolina’s 6% sales tax. They are also offering 10% off accessories. While in store, be sure to ask about their custom made veils – to inquire about a discount on a custom veil, mention The Old Cigar Warehouse! They recently designed a stunning veil that incorporated the lace of the bride’s dress.

dimitradesigns logo

Dimitra Designs | Location: 303 North Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC 29607

(864) 467-0801

Dimitra Designs is offering two different sales during tax-free weekend. On Friday they will be offering marked down pieces from $99 to $499, which is an excellent value. On Saturday they will be having a blowout sale with select dresses up to 50% off. Certain restrictions apply- certain stock, some pieces won’t be marked down but are tax-free. Be sure to check their website for more details on deals!



David’s Bridal | 301 Haywood Road, Greenville, SC 29607

(864) 675-0088

Almost everything in David’s Bridal will be tax-free this weekend, the exceptions being jewelry and garment bags. Be sure to stop by to take advantage of their wide selection of tax-free dresses and other accessories.


The Castle Prom and Bridal

Spartanburg Location | 1411 West O Ezell Boulevard, Spartanburg, SC | (864) 576-5901

Anderson Location | 2500 North Main Street, Anderson, SC | (864) 224-9410

In addition to much of the store being tax-free, The Castle will be offering 20% off all accessories on Friday and Saturday. Be sure to stop by at the beginning of the weekend because they are closed on Sunday and you don’t want to miss their sale!


Carolina Traditions | 3225 Reidville Road, Spartanburg, SC 29301

(864) 576-3900

Carolina Traditions will be offering a wonderful sale in addition to the 6% off sales tax. They will be having a “yellow dot” sale, which means that all items with a yellow dot will be an extra 20% off their already reduced price. They have many dresses that will be included in this sale, so be sure to schedule an appointment for their Friday and Saturday hours!

Real Wedding | Julianna + Kevin

View More: real wedding today goes to a beautiful couple, Julianna and Kevin! We love the story of how these two met. Their love story began in the midst of controversy with the help of a classic and a modern way of connecting—mutual friends and Facebook. In August 2013, the city of Columbia, SC was looking to forcibly remove the homeless nights, Kevin asked Julianna to be his girlfriend while laying in a hammock on a beautiful night in mid-September. It seemed fitting that the following year he asked her to be his wife in that same hammock.

Fast forward to a beautiful Sunday evening in May of 2015. The lovely couple got married at our venue in Downtown, Greenville, which was decorated elegantly with a simple, yet beautifully vintage theme and stunning flowers designed by Willow Florals. The bride, Juliana, even worked the theme into her wedding attire with gorgeous flowers in her hair and a vintage-inspired dress. She made the space a complete reflection of her and Kevin by bringing in big personal touches including various tables, furniture pieces and a precious tandem bike decorated with a Mr. & Mrs. sign adorned with a basket overflowing with those beautiful blooms.

View More:

View More:

View More:

The ceremony began with Julianna’s mother walking her down the aisle to meet an overjoyed and emotional Kevin. The two shared their vows under an altar constructed out of tree limbs and florals with beautiful white drapery hanging over them. Their friends and family looked on and everyone rejoiced when Kevin dipped Julianna down as he kissed his bride.

View More: celebration continued with dinner from Smoke on the Water and drinks provided by Liquid Catering. The guests were seated at tables with mint linens—a color we don’t often see in The Old Cigar Warehouse, but one that we instantly fell in love with. After dinner, the bride and groom had adorable and always delicious cupcakes from Holly’s Cakes that everyone loved.

Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare, unexpected issues pop up during events that our management team has to work through. During the Nunnery’s dinner, our sound system went down after our internet provider changed the IP address unexpectedly. Since the couple hadn’t hired a DJ, our sound system was crucial for their celebration.

During all events held at The Old Cigar Warehouse, there is always a manager on-site to manage problems that may pop-up. This way, we don’t leave you stranded to figure out how our building works on your own. For Kevin and Julianna’s wedding, this was no different. So while everyone enjoyed their dessert, our staff was doing our best to get our house sound system up and running for the couple’s first dance.

A truly wonderful thing about this industry is the relationships you create with other vendors. Because of one of those relationships, Blake with Jumping Jukebox was able to come and make sure this bride and groom had their special dances before hitting the dance floor with their guests for the remainder of the evening. 

View More:


View More: Stom Photography was able to capture all of the amazing moments of Kevin and Julianna’s wedding, including Kevin’s face as Julianna made her way down the aisle, the groomsmen tearing up the dance floor and of course their picturesque ribbon wand exit where the couple shared one final kiss before being sent off by family and friends in a horse-drawn carriage.

We were so happy to host Kevin and Julianna’s special day and wish them all the best!

View More: + Julianna’s Vendors

Venue: The Old Cigar Warehouse

Bartending Company: Liquid Catering

Baker: Holly’s Cakes

Caterer: Smoke On The Water

DJ: Jumping Jukebox

Florist: Willow Florals

Photographer: Shawn Stom Photography


Wedding Tip | Farm to Table

The Farm to Table food movement continues to spread across the nation as people are recognizing the benefits to eating local and giving support to local restaurants and farms. Greenville, is no exception, as our food scene is becoming nationally recognized – vote here – for the overall dining, which includes the farm to table restaurant experience.

While we love this local-friendly food movement, we LOVE that the farm to table concept is spreading into the event/wedding industry. And no, not just with food! Farm to table can be applied to a few other areas on your big day, so if you’re the local-supporting type, you can certainly find ways to incorporate your local favorites into your big day too!

10686697_10102125646943656_4398715486106844812_n (1)

Farm to Table | Eat Local

You already love eating local, so why stop for your wedding? Passed hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour could just the time to showcase some of the town’s freshest and best food they have to offer without ruining what is sure to be a wonderfully tasty main course. Are your celebrations out of your town? Even better! Take advantage of the destination by trying to incorporate as much local food as possible.


Farm to Bouquet | Farm Fresh Flowers

Let’s be real. Florals for your wedding can be expensive, but it’s no surprise that most brides want to incorporate flowers in some way into their decor. Is there a way to cut these gorgeous expenses? Of course! Do some research in the area for local farmers who supply bridal-decor worthy flowers for a fraction of the cost. Make a day of it, and go pick them yourself!

sunflower_TDmarket flowers_market

Farm to Brew | Local Craft Beer

Whether you are familiar with your local beer scene or not, providing out of town guests with the opportunity to try local brews is a great way to incorporate the town into your wedding celebration. Most likely, someone will be traveling from out of town (destination? Then the whole crew is traveling!) and they will have limited time to explore all that particular city has to offer. Bring in a local beer to serve during your reception to allow guests to have a taste of the town!


Farm to Favor | Local Favors

Another opportune moment to show off what your city or town is all about is in the favors. Sending your guests off with something unique to the city will set your favors apart from the rest. Not only will they have a one-of-a-kind favor from a city they’ve traveled too, but they will have this amazing little reminder of the special event they just attended!



Traveling to Greenville, SC for your wedding? Be sure to check out ALL of our amazing vendors local to the Greenville area. Check out our preferred vendor page for some that we work with at The Old Cigar Warehouse!


Photo Credit: Ryan & Alyssa, JJones Photography, and the TD Saturday Market