Tips & Tricks | Love Your Bar

You have the dress. Your girls and guys know what they’re wearing on your special day. You’ve picked out your caterer, DJ, and florist. You definitely know what your colors are. Now comes one of the most important parts–the bar! Whether it’s a high priority on your list for your wedding or a detail that you decide on a month or two before, it’s important that you LOVE you bar!

A way to provide something extra to help your guests celebrate your love even more, your bar should have everything that you need for a good time and a good drink! Thankfully, Liquid Catering, the exclusive alcoholic beverage provider for The Old Cigar Warehouse, knows how to help you LOVE your bar!

1 | Keep it Local

5 - Josh Jones Photography

If you love your area, then showcase it to your guests! Feature local brews and wine for your guests to try and to demonstrate why your wedding location is better than the rest!

2 | Have a Signature Drink


Signature drinks really bring an extra something to the table. Having a drink that is catered to your specific tastes or to match the colors of your wedding will really up the wow factor of your day! Giving the drink a cute and catchy name doesn’t hurt either!

3 | Pick Your Favorites


The best part about choosing a package? Getting to pick your favorite beers, wines, and liqueurs! Choosing a package that matched your tastes and the tastes of your guests will not only make you and your guests happy, but will also make your night even more enjoyable!

4 | Have a Champagne Toast


Even if you don’t have complete bar service or you opt for a mocktail bar, having a champagne toast will make kind words about you and your spouse even more special and will give you the opportunity to have some beautiful pictures of champagne flutes!

5 | Make It an Open Bar


Having your bar be an open bar instead of a cash bar is the ultimate way to show your guests that you care about them having fun and also a great way to say thank you to them for coming! No matter what package you order, keeping it an open bar definitely goes the extra step to making your event a special one.


Event Trends | Keeping It Local

A major trend taking over events for 2016 is keeping your event locally sourced. Not only is this trend great for the community, but it also allows your guests (both local and out of town) to appreciate what your wedding location has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to “keep it local” for your event!

1 | Local Food


The Upstate offers a variety of different vendors who are not only unique to Greenville, but also provide locally sourced food. Wow your guests with tasty options from some of the great food service providers that that the area has to offer. From traditional caterers to local restaurants to food trucks, you can’t go wrong choosing a local business!

2 | Local Breweries

5 - Josh Jones Photography.jpg

Want to make a big impact on your guests? Show them the different wines, beers, and spirits that the Upstate produces! Liquid Catering offers two packages* that provide an excellent taste of what local breweries, wineries and distilleries have to offer! These drinks will leave your guests wanting more and provide a way to help your guests experience the greatness of the local community!

*Liquid Catering‘s Southern Spirits Package Coming soon!

3 | Local Musicians


Up the wow factor at your event by featuring local musicians! A surefire way to impress your guests is with live performances that are unique to the Greenville area. Not only will your guests be able to listen to the talent that the Upstate has to offer, but a great band will also have an arsenal of songs ready to tailor their performances to your event.

Some other great ways to consider keeping your event #local?

  • DIY Favors: Have a favorite shop around town that is special to your wedding location? Ask them about doing a wedding favor! One of our favorite locally sourced favor has been little bags filled with Downtown Greenville’s favorite popcorn from Poppington’s Popcorn!
  • DIY Flowers: A little investigating can go along way! Research local flower farmers so you can handpick your wedding flowers. IMPORTANT: Using local flowers (like food) means you may only have access to certain flowers and colors due to the season that your wedding is taking place.

We know that there are many other ways to keep your events locally sourced. Share your favorite ways with us in the comments below or on social media!

Real Wedding | Erica + Isaac


We are pretty lucky to know some fabulous people that work in our space from time to time. It’s even better when someone we see working events with us gets married with us! So needless to say, we were all pretty excited to see Erica, of The Erica Berg Collective, and fiancé Isaac get married at The Old Cigar Warehouse on December 4, 2015. There is nothing more beautiful than a bride and groom in love and Erica + Isaac were gorgeous! The love they share is undeniable to anyone that crosses their path. Don’t believe us? Just look at these stunning photos from their wedding day! There is no doubt in our minds that these two are meant to be.



The couple choose to do a first look on our deck before their wedding party joined them for some stunning pictures captured by Red Apple Tree Photography. As their pre-ceremony photoshoot came to an end, Erica + Isaac said goodbye momentarily as they both prepared to be married in front of all of their friends and family. To music provided by the oh-so-wonderful WireWood, the wedding party began to take their places at the altar alongside Isaac as he waited for his beautiful wife-to-be. Always beautiful, a particularly stunning Erica descended down the staircase on her father’s arm as they walked together in a space so familiar but somehow so different all in that instant. Following an emotional moment shared as her father gave her away, Erica took Isaac’s hand and the two shared their love for one another with their friends and families as witnesses.


After being announced as husband and wife for the first time, Erica + Isaac retreated to the Bridal Suite along with their wedding party to celebrate their union. Before being welcomed into their reception, Red Apple Tree Photography stole them for a STUNNING session of the couple in front of their ceremony and reception backdrop! How cute are they?!


Guests enjoyed dinner (and that adorable cake!) provided by Table 301 in the cellar where people continued to buzz about the food and of course, about the happy couple! As dinner finished and the newlyweds danced, Liquid Catering started pouring drinks as guests were ready to hit the dance floor with The Erica Berg Collective. And in true Erica fashion, the guests danced and sang throughout the night – a true testament as to what life with Erica + Isaac will be like on this journey together: a constant source of energy and love! The event went off without a hitch thanks to Love This Little City‘s Jennifer Dennis, making for a truly incredible evening for everyone in attendance (and working!).




With this wonderful couple about ready to celebrate 5 months of marriage, we wish you both a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations, Erica + Isaac!

Erica + Isaac | Vendors

Baker: Table 301

Band/DJ: Erica Berg Collective

Bar Service: Liquid Catering

Caterer: Table 301

Ceremony Music: WireWood

Photographer: Red Apple Tree Photography

Venue: The Old Cigar Warehouse

Wedding Coordinator: Love This Little City

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Wedding Trends | Wedding Favors

b7cadde964a1114782766ad97ce94a3e.jpgYou’ve already invited those special to you and your fiancé to celebrate your wedding, so why not thank them for making the trip! Wedding favors are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests. But this tradition has come a long a way from it’s origins. Here’s a look at some favors that we absolutely adore for 2016!


The perfect favor, especially on a hot summer day! Using fresh fruit as a wedding favor will not only refresh your guests, but let them enjoy something sweet (and healthy)! #shoplocal

Glass Bottles

Nothing says vintage like a classic glass bottle! Whether you’re going for a old school vibe or southern charm, glass bottle can be the perfect way to continue sharing the newlywed’s favorite things while thanking loved ones for attending.


Love nature or know that your guests have green thumbs? Make your wedding favors small plants! Miniature plants such as succulents are the perfect gift so your guests can watch their plant grow as your love after your wedding does too!

Sweet Treats

What better way to celebrate the sweetness of your love than with these treats? Whether you choose donuts, cookies, cupcakes, popcorn or Instagram worthy macaroons, your guests will leave with the feeling of appreciation and the desire for more.

Drinking Accessories

It’s no secret that we love drinking accessories as favors! Give your guests the gift that keeps on giving through any of these fun and reusable gifts! Have them sitting on the bar or at the table so that your guests can use them throughout the night!


Looking for something you can easily DIY or create a lot of cute sayings for? Candles are the perfect option! Let your guests know that they’ve warmed your heart by attending and send them home with a sweet smelling gift!


If coffee is a major key to your everyday life, you may want to consider giving out a personalized mug or your favorite roast to your guests. One can never have too many mugs and there are many great local places that you can go to for supplies to impress your coffee connoisseur guests!

Midnight Snack

If your guests will be dancing and drinking into the night, give them the gift that will replenish them! A midnight snack is a great way to take care of the guests who care so much about you!

And don’t forget! While wedding favors are a great way to say thanks for coming, thank you notes are still our favorite tradition. With all major communication being online or through some form of technology, there is no better way to say thanks than a hand written note!

Vendor Spotlight | Renee Burroughs Design


When it comes to choosing and designing floral arrangements for your wedding day, things start to get overwhelming. That’s where Renee Burroughs Design comes in. You can let your imagination run wild without feeling stressed about your décor as Renee is more than capable of making your dreams come to life!



Renee prides herself on not on following trends, but instead working with couples who set them! Like all of the best vendors, she loves to work within a client’s budget without adding pressure to spend more. Her talents have been on display in The Old Cigar Warehouse multiple times, and she was a featured vendor at our Bridal Open House and a sponsor of Liquid Catering’s 5th Anniversary Party!

Liquid Catering 5 Year Party | FamZing Photography

Liquid Catering 5 Year Party | FamZing Photography

Don’t hesitate to look over more of Renee’s beautiful designs on her website or call to set up a time to discuss transforming your wedding into something spectacular!

Real Wedding | Becca + Reimer

Reebs  that guy (766 of 795).jpg
What’s the best way to both end and start the year? A wedding, of course! Becca + Reimer’s New Years Eve Wedding was the perfect way to not only welcome the New Year, but also to welcome their newest adventure–marriage.
Becca, a graphic designer with a strong sense of style, and Reimer, a Greenville native and member of the Greenville Symphony, planned their wedding from Detroit, Michigan, by contacting local wedding planner Christine Faust. After in-depth planning weekends in Greenville and numerous video chats, Becca and Reimer’s wedding day finally came.

A fun loving and down to earth couple, Becca + Reimer set out with the goal of having a fun wedding–and that’s exactly what they accomplished! Starting out, their wedding celebration was a perfect mix of casual and formal, the guests were greeted on the tented deck with sliders, truffles, and champagne before being escorted down the staircase to their seats in the Main Hall for the ceremony. Mulfinger Strings provided music for the guests to listen to as they waited for Becca to make her grand entrance.

Finally, the time came for Becca to descend down the staircase and walk down the aisle. As Becca was escorted to the altar by her mother, the love and joy that Reimer felt as he watched the love of his life come toward him showed on his face. After a loving embrace from Becca’s mother, the ceremony began.
 Reebs  that guy (313 of 795)Reebs  that guy (331 of 795)Reebs  that guy (355 of 795)Reebs  that guy (359 of 795)Reebs  that guy (366 of 795)
Officiated by a close friend, the ceremony was full of sweet moments and laughter as four close friends and family members offered personal messages to Becca + Reimer during the ceremony. When the couple shared their first kiss, the deck doors opened to the sound of Shannon Hoover’s Jazz Quintet in full swing, beckoning the guests to cocktail hour on the tented deck.
Reebs  that guy (372 of 795)Reebs  that guy (373 of 795)Reebs  that guy (378 of 795)
Reebs  that guy (395 of 795)Reebs  that guy (397 of 795)
With the bride and many guests being vegetarian, Good Life Catering worked with the couple to make vegetarian options available including serving quinoa and black bean burgers as sliders during the cocktail hour. Coupled with an open bar provided by Liquid Catering, the cocktail hour served as the perfect precursor to the fun to come during the reception!
The newlyweds and their bridal party came back into the main hall during the cocktail hour to take some fun group photos before Becca + Reimer headed out to share a few private moments after the ceremony and to take gorgeous portraits outside of The Old Cigar Warehouse.
With place cards provided at the foot of the staircase, the guests reentered the building and were seated in the cellar where a family-styled dinner waited for them. Since Becca + Reimer are not big cake people, they had a gorgeous miniature cake to cut and multiple small deserts for their guests to enjoy after their delicious meal. In true NYE fashion, black and gold décor enhanced the celebratory atmosphere of the reception!

Reebs  that guy (527 of 795)Reebs  that guy (526 of 795)Reebs  that guy (554 of 795)Reebs  that guy (583 of 795)

After the dinner, it was party time!  The party kicked off with a choreographed dance by the couple, the bride’s uncle, and the groom’s mother to “Jump in the Line” that lead into a conga line with maracas. It didn’t take long that all of the guests to join in on the fun! Two of the bridesmaids kept the fun going by giving a musical toast to the happy couple, with Groove Collection following afterward to keep the party hype. As midnight and the New Year approached, there was a certain magic in the air that was heightened by the evident love shared between Becca + Reimer, and how happy they were to be celebrating with their family and friends.

Reebs  that guy (610 of 795)Reebs  that guy (619 of 795)Reebs  that guy (647 of 795)Reebs  that guy (628 of 795)Reebs  that guy (635 of 795)Reebs  that guy (692 of 795)

After a countdown by the band, balloons fell from the ceiling, creating the ultimate New Years Eve atmosphere for everyone present. The pure joy and awe from the celebration carried on as the band played a cool rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” to welcome in 2016.

Reebs  that guy (740 of 795)Reebs  that guy (741 of 795)Reebs  that guy (739 of 795)Reebs  that guy (743 of 795)After celebrating the New Year and Becca + Reimer’s union with a huge dance party, it was time to see the happy couple off! The guests gathered outside to send them off with glow sticks and bubbles. The night ended as a rickshaw carry them away from the wedding and on to their new life as husband and wife!Reebs  that guy (790 of 795)Reebs  that guy (793 of 795)Reebs  that guy (795 of 795)

Becca + Reimer Vendors:

Bartending Company: Liquid Catering

Baker: Buttercream Bakehouse

Balloon Drop: And Why Not Balloons

Caterer: Good Life Catering

Ceremony Music: Mulfinger String Quartet

Cocktail Hour Music: Shannon Hoover Jazz Quartet

Florist: Statice Flowers

Getaway Rickshaw: Reedy River Rickshaw

Makeup: Cotton Rouge

Photography: The Mondays 

Reception Music: Groove Collection

Rentals: Professional Party Rentals

Shuttle: Eastside Transportation

Wedding Planner: Christine Faust


Vendor Spotlight | Liquid Catering

Only a few more days until our Bridal Open House! Today’s Vendor Spotlight and Bridal Open House vendor is Liquid Catering! Liquid Catering will be the featured bartending service on Thursday, February 11th.1926702_768067353249118_5839400335330390448_n

We might be a little biased but our sister company’s excellent service and creativity speaks for itself! Liquid Catering specializes in premier special event bartending across the state of South Carolina, but primarily in the Upstate. They offer full-service bar packages for weddings, corporate events, private parties, you name it. Whether an intimate private party or large corporate event running smoothly, Liquid Catering has got it all covered from the bartenders to the ice.

10917896_768066716582515_6899339488775380001_n (1)11703346_889985177734041_5753276039464356269_nWhile passion is seen on any event with this company, Liquid Catering staff is trained to serve safely on any and all events while also ensuring the utmost in customer service! Not only does Liquid Catering handle events with top-notch professionalism, your experience during the booking process with Liquid Catering is sure to satisfy. Customization is key and certainly welcome!

Liquid Catering’s Sales Manager Lindsey Pfrommer is always sure to make your bar package fit perfectly for your event, whether that means creating a customized signature cocktail or including the groom’s favorite local craft beer to have at hand all night.

1723402_768066396582547_6891349380000071793_n (2)



Liquid Catering team will be at our open house so please bring them any questions about bar services that you have! And even if you don’t book with us here at The Old Cigar Warehouse, they can take their services to nearly any venue in the Upstate!

For more information, check out their website or give them a call at (864) 248-4850.

To register for the Bridal Open House visit


Vendor Spotlight: Holmes Catering

There’s no better way to end the week than talking about delicious food! Today’s vendor spotlight goes to the delectable food of Holmes Catering, one of The Old Cigar Warehouse’s preferred vendors and the featured caterer at our Bridal Open House on February 11th.


We love Holmes Catering, their food and their service – it never fails to please and guests always come away raving about it. Holmes Catering is a full service catering company, offering catering and event planning for various events ranging from corporate lunch meetings to weddings and galas. They work with their clients to ensure that their food compliments the event and are quick to communicate and answer any questions that clients may have. Their staff is extremely helpful with coordinating and organization, which makes for an easy and stress free catering experience! As they like to say, they will “turn your dreams into reality.”


The service and professionalism that Holmes Catering offers is amazing, but their food is even better! They offer various choices – breakfast and lunch menus, reception menus, themed menus – you name it, they’ve got it! This variety allows for the perfect meal customization for any event, and their décor is one of the best in the business. For those of you with a sweet tooth – fear not! Tim Holmes offers their “Chocolate Masters” division with chocolate fountains and dipping foods to satisfy anyone’s taste!


Holmes Catering will be at our open house available to talk about all of their services, so be sure to check them out!

For more information, check out their website at

Have you registered for our Bridal Open House? Visit to sign up!

Vendor Spotlight | Professional Party Rentals

It’s time for another featured vendor spotlight! Today we’re focusing on Professional Party Rentals a featured vendor at our Bridal Open House on February 11th!


It takes a village to make the vision for your wedding come to life. One of the most important elements is the decor. Specializing in Corporate Functions, Weddings, Community Events and Private Parties, Professional Party Rentals has you covered from tents to tables to linens to decor. The Upstate’s source for complete party planning and rentals, Professional Party Rentals will work with you to make sure that your wedding day is nothing short of perfection.


They will be at our open house available to talk about all of their services, so be sure to check them out!

For more information, check out their website at

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Vendor Spotlight: Swamp Rabbit Inn

“Vendor Spotlight” doesn’t always have to mean a vendor that comes inside our venue to perform a service. In fact, it can instead mean a client going to them. Whether your company is hosting a corporate retreat and needs to house a few VIPS or you need the perfect spot for your bridal party to camp out over the big wedding weekend; Swamp Rabbit Inn is the ticket!


Convenience – Let’s cut to the chase about one of the best parts about the Swamp Rabbit Inn. Ready for it…? It’s one short block away from The Old Cigar Warehouse. This lodging choice is not only perfect for Greenville, but perfect for any client that may book our venue and needs to stay overnight in the city. You can certainly drive the 15 seconds it takes to get there from our front door, or you can just as easily walk or ride your bike. And if it’s close to us, then it’s close to everything downtown has to offer.


Unique Charm – The Swamp Rabbit Inn is a European style bed and breakfast with some great perks. A community living room offers funky decor and lounge space, the back decks are open for easy relaxation, and each room offers its own eclectic look. And while you’re not out exploring some of Greenville’s finest restaurants, get your own grub and cook a masterpiece in the sleek, modern kitchen. You never know who you’ll meet in the hallways!

Services – There are 6 rooms available for rent. If you’re flying solo to a friend’s wedding and don’t want to worry about grabbing a taxi after the reception, it’s simple to just stroll over to your bed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn. Or, better yet, the entire house is available for rent. Isn’t this sounding perfect for your band of bridesmaids and groomsmen? Take advantage of everything the Inn has to offer and rent a bike from their daily fleet.

No matter how you experience the Swamp Rabbit Inn you can count on innkeeper, Wendy Lynam, to provide the utmost customer service. Her passion for cycling and meeting Greenville visitors inspired her to create this new concept for the city. We love hearing our clients say “We’re just down the street…we booked the Swamp Rabbit Inn!” Don’t forget to use the hashtags #BikeInnBikeOut and #yeahTHATGreenville!


They will be at our open house available to talk about all of their services, so be sure to check them out!

For more information, check out their website at

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